Michael Artsis – CEO

Michael is a 5 time Emmy Award winning video journalist who brings stories to life through video.  He also crafts unique and compelling video productions for some of today’s most successful companies.  Michael is a natural leader and helps drive the creative and vision of the company.

Peter Poon – Director of Post Production

Peter’s editing and filming magic creates intriguing stories, while his visionary techniques and insight on and off set breathe life into each production.  Peter’s dedication and hard work as well as his ability to manage a staff keeps even the toughest projects on time.

Jill Artsis – Chief

Jill’s hard work and determination keeps the operation running like a well oiled machine.  She handles all the logistics from travel to schedules and more.  She is also very creative and keeps the team on track and focused.  She is also known to lighten the mood from time to time.


Bill Smithuysen – Director of Photography

Bill engages audiences with his brilliant images.  The 30+ year veteran and Mets photographer also shoots the Jets and does stills and videos for ArtsIsMedia.  Through his lens he brings viewers into the action.

Nikki Dog Artsis – Head of Security

After spending her first year and a half on the planet working for the FBI and Secret Service, Nikki finally came home with her parents (Michael and Jill). She runs all security operations for ArtsIsMedia, including on location and at the office.  She does this all from her secret control room.

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