ArtsIsMedia, Inc. is an efficient and cost effective first class High Definition video production company.  The team has worked together for many years and has compiled many amazing videos.  We know the web, we know marketing, and we keep up with the latest technologies to make your videos and the delivery the best they can be.


Each of the members of the ArtsIsMedia, Inc. team have over 10 years of experience and several awards, including 12 Emmy’s between them. The team has worked in many areas of production and news and knows how to get things done fast and unobtrusively.


We will achieve the highest quality videos using the latest technologies, processes and editing equipment while keeping the cost low.  We push the technologies to maximize the outcome and we know what we are doing.  We are very creative and unique and strive to put out a high class and different product from others, because otherwise why watch.  We know what viewers want and how to deliver it.


There is nothing we don’t do.  From Shows, pilots, news, documentaries, infomercials and corporate videos.  At ArtsIsMedia, we know how to maximize our assets and your marketability; traditionally and online.  We are mobile and light, we can even bring the studio to you.

We do it by breaking a sweat.


Shooting a commercial for Bed Gear with US Ski Jumper Lindsey Van in Utah.

Rehersal for a multi camera live braodcast with the New York Times and Steiner Sports at the Times center in NYC.

Visual displays, video and photo shoot for Burberry in NYC.